1987 or 1784

  • Shocked! IT workers are still being hit and killed in the glitz of work.


  • Don't hit me!
  • Raise your wages!
  • The workers are human too!


I remember the day when my cousins got hit at the factory. Now the cousins are working in the factory as seniors and respected by their juniors. It's just that the whole of life is rich. Yes, it is the common saying of the aristocratic union. After marrying his children, he bought land and built a building in Gyeongju, and brought in his children to live fishing. Of course, it is still a three-shift field worker.


Haitian workers, we're stuck in glamour right now, "Don't hit me! " be unable to make a claim that We're hitting each other or the capital is hitting each other the way the company intended. Naver's personnel guitar system, which is "hit the heart," has disappeared, looking at a colleague who does not give work to the company and looking at him from this perspective, "That person is old and does not develop himself." However, a labor union was created and only the name disappeared. Still, bullying is common around. But I wonder what the unions are doing and it's pathetic. There may be many reasons for the union's neglect, but I think it is due to the elite consciousness that has always won the competition and the "cold sense of fellowship for those who do not try."

In a traditional agricultural society, the repackage of adults turned sour with the creation of a state-led crop group. In Uiseong, garlic was distributed to Daegu, where apples were brought from Japan, and advanced farming methods were introduced, and adults who could no longer read or were dark in new cultures became useless. The elderly were completely alienated as they exchanged information across the village by crop group. In the traditional society, the place that gave away the long experience of when, what, and how to plant and grow has disappeared.

In conclusion, what happened to rural villages where adults were alienated? Everyone becomes an old man. So are IT developers. Everyone is in their 50s and 60s. And there are important things and things that everyone is good at in life. The generation needs such a repackage. In that sense, I disagree with the distinction between senior/ junior developers. Skills are not proportional to the passage of time. This is especially true in the context of changing and disappearing Haitian technology. However, you have to send a respac to the experiences of your seniors for a long time. On the basis of such respect, their experience strengthens our team stably and develops our business.

Horizontal culture is good enough for a dog These cultural words are wonderful, too. However, organizations that hit each other or stand by each other should not be horizontal or anything. Naver has experienced the sadness of its colleague's death, but nothing has changed. It's just calling a consulting firm and excusing the "getting better" report.

Factory workers who use their bodies can also call seniors who have poor performance in ladder-riding work a headache or a salary lupang that only pays a lot of money. However, they fight 87 years by shouting "Don't hit me" and "We are humans too," and they make a respac when they know that the path of their seniors who have come all the way here is their path.

Again, the conclusion is that it is difficult for one developer to do everything well now that technological advances are accelerating and more and more things to learn are lost. We are often good at attacking each other by bringing out only what we can't do with each other. My experience is that I tend not to be attacked. Everyone is in danger. And to some extent we live in an illusion-based sense of superiority that we are the winners of the competition. We haven't even reached the level of workers in 1987. We're still getting hit at work. At the same time, each other is hitting each other again amid the spectacular eye trick that it is a company that supports psychological counseling.

Someone asks me to call them "senior." "Senior?" Why are you the only one? It doesn't mean you're successful. A real senior is a person who thinks of his juniors. If you have good skills, you are not a senior, but if you have a lot of money, you are not a senior. In that sense, I asked him to call me a senior, so I called him once, but I want to roll back through this article that he is not a senior.

There's a thing called the Pulmonary Disease Effect. If a person who used to be fine in society is branded as a waste in the process of military enlistment, it is difficult to get out of it. What I've been doing well is that mistakes increase, I get anxious, and I'm getting bogged down.


print ("The company has to live in order for the employees to live -> Let's say the opposite and think!")
print('There is nothing we can do in the world of capitalism -> Capitalism is also made for people to live!')
print("Isn't this too ideal story -> It was possible in 1987!")


  • Organizations that don't hit have a good performance of course VS people have to divide properly and set an example like bullying to produce performance.
  • Let's talk more about what's right, or hold a small conference to discuss it, and write the next article.
  • Understand the Ottawa inscription I am a developer. Of course, you can send PR directly to the article you don't want to see. It is Sessing of open-source free software. So is the Eagle.
  • Let's help each other. You're me and I'm you.
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