mother's birthday

happy birthday

The birthday of the adult generation in Korea is still based on the lunar calendar. At the same time, Western cakes and candles are not necessarily missing.


  • Korea's representative feast food! Chapchae. My second daughter made it at home.


  • Also, the representative feast food "Jeon"! Oysters, pork, cabbage, etc. are coated in egg water and baked.


  • Now, dogs are an important member in Korea. After building it all day, I sat on the lap of my family who visited because it was close to midnight. Now I think they've accepted us as a family. Please take care of me next time too 😄


  • In Korea, we eat seaweed soup on birthdays and after giving birth to children. There is also a story that foreign daughters-in-law who marry into Korea are struggling because of their mother-in-law who wants to feed them seaweed soup. Koreans think seaweed soup is very delicious, so they also like the slippery texture.


  • Families gathered at lunchtime sit on the floor, chat, drink, laugh, and sing in a Korean way until after midnight.

  • Koreans love kimchi.Every food is finished and eat 12 hours, but we's kimchi stew! KimchiStew

  • But why did someone hit it? I want to eat spicy freshwater fish stew! It is a soupy dish that boiled fish that live in the river. It contains Maggie, freshwater shrimp, and freshwater crab. The seasoning is mainly garlic and liquor powder. KimchiStew

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