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  • The age of artificial intelligence and robots is coming.
  • The future of our children
  • And our future
  • Learn about programmable drones -> Conclusion and Recommendation -> DJI EDU TELLOopen in new window
print ('Hit with coding!')
print ('Moving World!')
print ('Moving Drone!')


a programmable drone?

I thought about searching for a drone that can be coded.

what should I buy?

The result is...


  • Python programming is possible
  • an affordable price
  • Delivery is fast
  • There's an official store in Korea
  • It is the latest model, and the related posting is relatively easy to find compared to other drones
  • Too bad javascript / node is not supported.

Start! Let's do it together!

  • (We'll start when the drone arrives.) - December 4, 2022 / Order from Naver Store in Korea
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Delivery Arrival and Box Open & Size Comparison

# Delivery takes 2 business days
# Position the mouse clock keyboard to measure the size of the drone

open dron box

Start the program with Python

Drone Outdoor Ambitious Flight Training in the Park

  • Follow the attached paper guide to familiarize yourself with drone coordination before programming. / So we tried flying drones in the park, cutting through the night air. Drone Outdoor Ambitious Flight Training
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