special provisions for military service

  • Taking pictures with world-renowned singer PSY during the four-week military training
  • Young men in Korea go to the military or work for companies in special cases. I served 42 months as a programmer.
I am gangnam style


Coffee chat

Who am I?

I loved physics
yearning for folklore
Data as a profession
He is a developer who wants to play


What am I proud of?


  • a physics major
  • a minor in education / a second-degree orthodoxy certificate
  • I dropped out of my master's degree in folklore


Source Software Development Skills
  • python
  • linux & bash
  • hadoop echo system - zeppelin, spark, hive, airflow
  • taste of c - naver search for a month
  • javascript - vue.js + quasar
  • aws & cloud native + docker
  • ruby
  • java
  • ios
  • c#
  • jsp ok?


No one is good at everything.

No one is good at everything.

So we need a team. The team keeps you from missing out If there's anything you're good at, the team should give you wings.

team play

I like MVP and code like this.
  • Minimum Viable Product


I still support Agile Software Development Declaration.
  • But I don't like the case and some coaches who use Agile badly.

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Free Software + Open Source = Community

Why “Free Software” is better than “Open Source”open in new window'Open source' is not 'free software'open in new window


bonus shorts

⸝⸝◜࿀◝ ⸝⸝ Oh, Hadub's father, Doug cuttingopen in new windowdgdg-sk-zeppelingslhjlhj

( ◜࿀◝ ) data playopen in new windowdn

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